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South Africa to procure still more renewable energy

South Africa’s Department of Energy is to increase the amount of energy it will be procuring under the third window of its renewable energy programme for independent…

admin May 16, 2019

SA names bidders for 1 000MW of green power

Johannesburg – South Africa has named preferred bidders for the fourth round of a series of renewable energy projects, that will add about 1 000MW of power to…

admin May 16, 2019

South Africa Is Primed for Major Solar Development

By Sherelle Jacobs, International Correspondent Johannesburg, South Africa — South Africa enjoys some of the best sunshine in the world all year round and its…

admin May 16, 2019

African Renewable Energy Gains Attention

The potential for renewable energy development in Africa is experiencing an increase in attention lately as investors and world leaders seek a new clean energy frontier. The…

admin May 16, 2019

South Africa: Eskom’s Money Woes ‘Threaten Renewable Energy’

By Carin Smith The precarious state of Eskom’s finances threatens to hinder the growth of the renewable energy sector in South Africa, just when it is needed…

admin May 16, 2019

How renewable energy in South Africa is quietly stealing a march on coal

The howling wind drives the turbines, their blades bent back from the force as they spin in the evening light and send electricity to local villages in South Africa’s…

admin May 16, 2019

No wind energy in SA without Danish – expert

Cape Town – Without help from the Danish and other key investors, South Africa might not have had a wind energy sector, Karen Breytenbach, head of the Department…

admin May 16, 2019

Renewables tackle nuclear – R2bn Kouga Wind Farm powers 50 000 houses

Renewable projects globally and locally are showing nuclear the door. A project, which is shrouded in controversy, however still has the backing of government and…

admin May 16, 2019